James Galley

Web application developer

PHP, Yii, MySQL, Node.js - JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS, jQuery - Linux, AWS & serverless

I'm a Yii Developer based in Manchester who's been working with the Yii PHP framework for ten years

Yii is a fast, powerful and secure PHP framework ideal for building web applications, APIs and complex dynamic websites

I've used Yii to build websites and applications for dozens of clients, and I continue to host and maintain Yii-based web applications and sites on Amazon Web Services and other Linux hosting.

Yii is a PHP framework which began life in 2008 taking inspiration from the PRADO framework and introduced core concepts of Database Access Object and relational Active Record queries.

Yii 2 is the current version and is a huge step up over Yii 1. Yii 2 resolves many of Yii 1's shortcomings, and Yii 2 is a fast, powerful, lightweight and secure framework to build up complex websites and web applications.

I love working with Yii, and over many years I've accumulated an intimate expert knowledge of the framework. I know best practice technique for Yii and PHP development, and

Yii services I can offer:

If you have a Yii-based web application or website and would like advice, maintenance or new features, please contact me: