James Galley

Web application developer

PHP, Yii, MySQL, Node.js - JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS - Linux, AWS & serverless

Yii web application development

I'm an experienced Yii developer who's been working with the Yii PHP framework for over twelve years.

Yii is a fast, powerful and secure PHP framework ideal for building web applications, APIs and complex dynamic websites

I've used Yii to build websites and applications for dozens of clients, and I continue to host and maintain Yii 2 web applications and sites on Amazon Web Services and other Linux hosting.

I love working with Yii, and over many years I've accumulated an intimate expert knowledge of the framework. I know best practice techniques for both Yii and PHP development, and this gives me the skills to develop efficient PHP applications from scratch in Yii, and also to understand, maintain and often improve existing Yii1 or Yii2 applications.

Yii development services

About the Yii PHP Framework

Yii is a PHP framework which began life in 2008 taking inspiration from the PRADO framework and introduced core concepts of Database Access Object and relational Active Record queries.

Yii 2 is the current version and is a huge step up over Yii 1. Yii 2 resolves many of Yii 1's shortcomings, and Yii 2 is a fast, powerful, lightweight and secure framework to build up complex websites and web applications.

Yii 1 is now end of life, so I'm currently providing a service to migrate existing Yii 1 applications to Yii 2.