James Galley

Web application developer

PHP, Yii, MySQL, Node.js - JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS, jQuery - Linux, AWS & serverless

AWS Consultant and Developer in Manchester

I'm an experienced AWS Developer, having developed AWS-hosted applications and provided AWS consultancy services since 2015.

My portfolio of work in AWS includes PHP & MySQL web applications hosted in Elastic Beanstalk / EC2 / RDS, high-performance websites with S3 and CloudFront and event-driven serverless data ingestion and transformation applications using Lambda, SQS and DynamoDB.

I regularly undertake projects to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, moving existing PHP & MySQL based applications to a new home in AWS, bringing benefits of security, worry-free scalability and often cheaper hosting costs.

AWS Development Services

I provide a range of AWS development services to my clients, including:

  • Web application hosting, using Linux-based EC2 servers managed through Elastic Beanstalk
  • Serverless application development with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 and SQS - creating infinitely scalable worry-free applications
  • S3 storage applications - combining the web platform with the cost-effective scalable storage from AWS, providing businesses with huge, reliable backup and storage solutions
  • High-performance static websites - highly efficient websites served from S3 via AWS's CDN technology, CloudFront and with high-performance compute at edge locations with Lambda@Edge
  • Security and user management consultancy - advising on and setting up appropriate IAM Users, Roles, Policies and permissions

Best practice AWS development and security

I always like to follow AWS-approved practices and utilise secure methodologies. When working in my client's AWS accounts, I like to set up AWS IAM cross-account access roles so that I can use Multi-Factor authentication and restrict user roles and permissions in a least-privilege approach.

I follow the regular AWS communication updates to ensure I can bring the latest technology and protocols into the work I produce for clients.

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Large-scale cloud development

I'm also a founding parter at Manchester-based specialist development agency, Si Novi, where we develop Cloud-native AWS applications using serverless technologies for UK and global clients at scale.

I write regularly on the Si Novi website about our AWS development services, such as using AWS CloudWatch for web application dashboards.

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