James Galley - Web and software developer specialising in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and jQuery JavaScript

I'm a web and software developer living and working in Manchester, UK.

I'm now a founder of, and Director of Operations at Human, an online software, mobile and web application development consultancy based in Manchester.

What can I do, you ask?

As Human we work with true leaders to bring about digital transformation. We do this by building online applications and websites, both desktop and mobile, for a broad range of clients and sectors, to realise operational efficiencies or effect new processes using technology.

Working closely with Human’s customer-facing production teams, I offer support and advice on systems architecture and infrastructure (often AWS), with a particular focus on security and data privacy, especially with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation - the GDPR. Together we create the best processes and grow our technical capabilities, with our ultimate aim to deliver incredible software for our customers, and the best experience for software end-users.

I'm a certified Scrum Product Owner, and we use the Agile software development methodology Scrum for every product that we build.

My personal skills include PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & SASS, jQuery JavaScript and AJAX, and I'm brilliant at PSD to HTML/CSS conversion. I'm experienced at advising on, setting up and managing Linux server hosting environments in cPanel and Amazon Web Services, along with Git version control, databases, DNS and domain setups.

One of my key skills is designing and coding large-scale PHP applications and bespoke content management systems, which often interact with other business systems via APIs or other technologies. At Human we use Yii 2 as our PHP development framework, although we have used other MVC frameworks and content management tools and publishing platforms such as Wordpress and Contentful.

More recently I've been working with Node.js server-side JavaScript and Amazon Web Services serverless technologies. These technologies allow us to move away from traditional application development and hosting and towards applications which make use of discreet architectural components, bringing costs down and isolating vulnerable elements.

Anything else?

My university degree was in Psychology (BSc Hons. at Manchester), where my interests were around Human-machine interaction and Human Error. I love to bring these Psychological principles into the digital sector and apply them to User Interface and Interaction design as well as business operations.

I'm a keen outdoorsman, with a preference for high, snowy places. I love hiking, mountaineering, rock and winter climbing.

There's also a chance you might have seen me in my former career playing drums with Nine Black Alps - a Manchester rock band who came to fame in 2004. After over 10 years in the business, we're still around, somehow...

Say hello!

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements - together with my colleagues at Human we can offer services from digital strategy through design and development of software and hosting architecture, deployment and ongoing support. Please contact us to find out more.

Say hello at: theteam@human.software

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