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PHP website support in Manchester

If you're asking yourself "Who can help me with my PHP website?" then you've come to the right place. I'm an experienced PHP web developer in Manchester who can help with website support and web application development.

Businesses come to me for PHP website support to resolve maintenance or security issues with their websites, and I'm always keen to help and use my experience of working with PHP websites to improve web-based systems.

I'm accustomed to working with all the major PHP website frameworks, such as Yii, Laravel and CodeIgniter, as well as being able to work with bespoke PHP code - which means I can take on a wide range of projects.

I'm committed to delivering the best practice web development and security principles for every project I work on, whether that's for a brand new application or website, or when I'm taking on an existing application for support, maintenance or new features.

Typical website support requests

Businesses typically come to me for assistance with website support or maintenance requests such as:

  • SSL/TLS certificate provisioning: Many websites still don't make use of an SSL/TLS certificate (y'know, the padlock in your browser bar). This encrypts traffic to and from your website, improving security and user trust. Furthermore search engines love websites with SSL certificates and it can sometimes give you speed improvements for your website too.
  • PHP updates, or other software updates: Open source web software is always being updated, which means your website or application needs to be updated too. I can help with upgrading server software such as PHP, and making any necessary changes to your website.
  • Security Improvements: Web security is one of my favourite areas of web development. I'm keen to make websites and applications as secure as they can be, so I can help with resolving security issues or performing web security audits.

To talk to me about PHP website support, contact me:


The process of providing PHP website support

If you'd like to engage with me to support your PHP website, then we'll probably go through these stages:

  1. Initial consulation: We'll have a good chat about what your website is, what it does (or doesn't do!) and together we'll identify your goals and what success looks like for you.
  2. Evaluation of codebase & website: I'll take a look through your website or web application, both the codebase and the user-interface of the website itself so that I can understand how it works, and get a feel for the existing quality of the code. At this point I'll know if I can help you - and I'll be honest if I can't. I only take on jobs that I can add real value and use my skills to their best.
  3. Write a fixed-price proposal: I like to write a statement of work or proposal for the website support work I'll be doing for you and what you'll get out of it. A fixed price means that you know exactly what you're spending, and I can offer a guarantee on my work to ensure it's all high quality and working as it should be.
  4. Propose alternative hosting options: I might suggest that you migrate the hosting of your website. I often find that website support issues are caused by, and certainly harder to resolve on, some types of hosting. Cheap shared hosting is exactly that - cheap and shared, and businesses often see benefits of investing in improved hosting, such as migrating websites to cloud hosting. It does't need to be hugely expensive either!
  5. Discuss ongoing support: You might consider it worthwhile to engage me on a monthly basis to support and maintain your PHP website on a regular basis.

I'm experienced at providing website support

I've been doing this a long time, and I know where to look to diagnose support issues, find security vulnerabilities or to see where corners have been cut in PHP applications.

I've been supporting businesses with their PHP websites for over a decade, as a trusted partner for small Manchester companies as well as multinational businesses.

Contact me to talk about supporting your PHP website or application: hello@jamesgalley.com.

Contact me about supporting your PHP website or application: