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Integrating web applications with Xero

Xero is a web-based accountancy software-as-a-service application, used by small and medium sized business in many sectors.

Xero boasts a fantastic API, which allows many of the features of the software to be used by an external application, such as your website or business management tools.

Xero web integration

I've used Xero since 2014 as the accountancy software for my businesses, inluding for Si Novi, my Digital Studio based in Manchester. Using it almost daily has allowed me to become familiar with both the user-interface features of the app, plus the API and ways to integrate with Xero.

Screenshot of Xero API documentation

The Xero API is in constant development and has recently has some useful updates, including the ability to send email invoices to your customers via the API. It's possible to control almost all the invoice and purchasing functions via the API, which can mean businesses can fully integrate their back-office or operations software and processes, generating invoices and bills automatically.