James Galley

Web application developer

PHP, Yii, MySQL, Node.js - JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS - Linux, AWS & serverless

About me

I'm an experienced web application developer with 15 years commercial experience, originally as a freelance web developer and then as a digital agency owner and developer. I have delivered web applications and websites for clients ranging from small businesses to PLC's.

I'm one of the founders of Si Novi, a web development and cloud consultancy based in Manchester. At Si Novi we architect, develop, deploy, maintain and secure web-based enterprise and line-of-business applications in the AWS cloud.

Primarily a PHP and Node.js JavaScript developer, I love creating useful, performant and secure web-based software and cloud systems in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Typical web development services

I offer a range of web development services, particularly focusing on back-end development, functional software, operations and security:

  • Automating manual business tasks or Excel spreadsheet processes
  • Reducing duplication and inefficiency by integrating your systems using APIs and bespoke interfaces
  • Producing secure and performant B2B or B2C websites and applications for your business
  • Evaluating current software applications for security and data privacy considerations
  • Upgrading your hosting using modern Linux and AWS hosting architecture design and deployment techniques - known as Lift and Shift
  • Migrating web applications from Yii 1 to Yii 2
  • Producing Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) web applications and digital services

I have experience in designing and building web applications which improve business operations, generally replacing painful manual processes or converting Excel spreadsheets to web applications. Software I build often integrates with financial systems such as Xero or Stripe, or are systems which create opportunities for data collection and analysis, such as auditing. I've always had a particular focus on security and data privacy, especially with the new data protections laws following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation - the GDPR.

My primary technologies include PHP (particularly the Yii framework), MySQL, Apache, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS, Gulp, jQuery, Linux WHM/cPanel, Amazon Web Services including IAM security, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda and DynamoDB and Architect. I use Git version control, and have lots of experience with DNS and domain setups including AWS Route53.

The bespoke PHP applications I design and produce often in interact with databases and other systems via APIs, webhooks or a variety of web-based technologies. I use Yii 2 as my primary PHP development framework, although I have experience of other MVC frameworks and publishing platforms.

Web applications need somewhere to live, and so I'm experienced at advising on, setting up and managing Linux cPanel server hosting environments and using Amazon Web Services to leverage the power of their scalable cloud infrastructure and serverless computing, using services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and S3. I'm a certified AWS Developer at Associate level.

Web development project management

I'm also a very experienced project manager, capable of delivering the technology while being aware of the commercial goals and working closely and transparently with other individuals and teams.

I'm a certified Scrum Product Owner, and I like to use the Agile software development methodology Scrum or borrow from Scrum processes to suit each project. Scrum helps teams address complex problems while productively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Anything else?

My university degree was in Psychology (BSc Hons. at Manchester), where my interests were around Human-machine interaction and Human Error. I love to bring these psychological principles into the digital sector and apply them to software and infrastructure maintenance and security as well as business operations.

I'm a keen outdoorsman, with a preference for high, snowy places. I love hiking, mountaineering, rock and winter climbing. My kitchen garden and greenhouse keeps me busy, and I love growing edible plants and cooking with them. I'm also interested in investing and financial education.

There's also a chance you might have seen me in my former career playing drums with Nine Black Alps - a Manchester rock band who came to fame in 2004. After over 19 years in the business, we're still around, somehow...