James Galley

Web application developer

PHP, Yii, MySQL, Node.js - JavaScript, HTML, CSS & SASS, jQuery - Linux, AWS & serverless

Digital Transformation Consultancy in Manchester

I've worked with many businesses on Digital Transformation projects, advising on and developing software solutions to digitise business processes.

By creating web applications, digital services or system integrations to digitise your business processes, you can use the power of web technologies to save money, reduce duplication and improve efficiency.

Digital Transformation (sometimes referred to as DT or DX) is the use of digital technology to solve business problems or improve business operations. Digital Transformation often utilises web technologies, Cloud computing and web-based third-party software solutions known as Software-as-a-service (SAAS). Digital Transformation can use the power of computing to automate processes, reducing the burden on business staff to perform tasks manually - often freeing up those individuals to focus on higher-value tasks and more creative work.

I've worked with a wide variety of businesses, building bespoke PHP and JavaScript software which replaces existing business processes. Businesses commonly develop internal procedures using Excel Spreadsheets or other offline systems, however over time and as a business scales, these processes become unreliable and unwieldy. I'm experienced at advising on and then developing bespoke web applications to replace these kind of systems.

I can offer a variety Digital Transformation services, including:

  • Technology landscape mapping, technology auditing and system interrogation
  • Integrating Financial software like Xero into current business operations
  • Replacing Excel spreadsheets with web applications
  • Designing and developing bespoke web-based software to mimic existing business processes
  • Advising on and implementing third-party software solutions for Digital Transformation, such as Twillio, IFTTT, Zapier
  • Advising on how to utilise Cloud Computing such as Amazon Web Services as part of your Digital Transformation projects
  • Integrating existing systems by building bespoke APIs
  • Database creation, data cleansing and de-duplication

To discuss Digital Transformation or the development of bespoke web-based software, please contact me.

Together we can discuss your requirements, identify your goals and I can provide a no-obligation fixed-price quotation.

To find out more about Digital Transformation or creating bespoke web-based software to digitise your business, contact me:

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